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Coat Hooks

I’ve been looking for some coat hooks¬† in my ongoing attempt to stay organized and I’ve found several ones that I like. Even the smallest detail, like a wall hook, can make an impact in a room.


Tembo Ceramic Hook from Nkuku

Eames Hang it All from Room and Board

Knax walnut coat hook from Nest Living

Ceramic Melon Hook from Anthropologie



Picture Hanging

So you have this picture. And you have this wall. Before you start hammering away at the plaster, read this!

If you’re not sure where to hang the picture, practice first. Cut a piece of paper (use anything: newspaper, used printer paper, etc) roughly the same size as your print. Tape the paper together if you need to make it the same size. Now tape it to the wall and stand back.

If this is the only print going on the wall, first look at the size of the print and the size of the wall. Does the scale match? If the print is too small for the space, it will just look like it’s floating, with no relation to the wall its on. If it’s too big, it will look odd as well. Next, look below. Will the print be hanging above a bureau, sofa, any other item? How does the scale of the print match that piece? Do you want to center it over the piece, or do you want to create a more informal balance, perhaps putting the print a bit off the center line? This is helpful if you have a large item such as a vase or piece of art sitting on top of a tabletop.

Next look at the height of the print. A good rule of thumb is to hang the print at eye level. This of course depends on the size of the print, but if it’s a photograph or framed art piece, you want to make sure it’s not hung too high (a common mistake) on the wall. People will have to strain to see it and it also won’t look balanced on the wall.

Lastly, look at the colors in the print. Do they play off the colors in the room? Does the frame fit the style of the room? Make sure there’s a reason the print is in the room and not just that you had a space to fill.

If you are hanging a grouping together, make sure that the spaces between the frames are smaller than the pieces themselves. If the space is too big, the pieces will look disconnected.

Happy hanging!