Oak Park Condo

This was a small and fun project. The homeowner had two beautiful Baker sofas she inherited some time ago and wanted to update them. Both sofas were in good shape except one had a tattered side due to overzealous cat scratching. Choosing the right upholstery fabric for this household with multiple cats was the top priority. There is no fabric that is impervious to claws but open weave fabrics like mohair and microfiber are less appealing to cats because there isn’t as much for the claw to sink into as there would be with a loop weave. We chose a fabric in a warm neutral color to complement the autumnal colors on the walls and in the rug. Then pillows were fabricated in cranberry, apple green and golden hues from varying textured fabrics. An ottoman with a damaged leg was reupholstered in an off white background with a green jigsaw puzzle pattern and then embellished with brushed brass nailheads set in the traditional side by side spacing and picked up nicely on the other brass accents in the room.

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