Elgin Great Room

This project involved a major renovation. The original home had an archway separating a dining room and a family room. The larger space was used as a dining room off the kitchen and then the family was cramped in the smaller space off the front door for TV watching. The archway was removed to create one great room to better serve the needs of the family, and the spaces were flipped so that the larger area became the family room and the lesser used dining area was moved up front into the narrower space. New can lighting, new wood floors, crown molding and a contemporary gray wall color updated the space. Custom radiator bench seats and shelving were installed to maximize seating and storage, and ground the large windows. Matchstick blinds were added for privacy and texture.  Wall speakers were installed to enhance the media components.  Because the furniture was laid out in the center of the room outlets were placed in the floors so that cords were tucked under the sofa and not tripping hazards. The fabrics for the benchseats and pillows added color and visual interest, and a new brass dining room light fixture helped ground the table and add a beautiful visual for visitors walking in the door and seeing the home from the street.

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