New England Gardens 2015

My quest each summer is to recreate a New England cottage garden in my midwest soil. I haven’t been successful yet but I won’t stop trying. Here are some pics of gardens on my recent trip to Cape Cod.

IMG_5898 IMG_5890 IMG_5886  IMG_5900 IMG_5901 IMG_5887 IMG_5897 IMG_5896 IMG_5894 IMG_5893 IMG_5892 IMG_5885  IMG_5889  IMG_5891 IMG_5884

Holiday Decorating

I recently helped a client get her dining room ready for Christmas. When she called me we had just under four weeks to make the room feel more inviting and warm before 18 relatives descended upon her. She was a quick decision maker and excellent notetaker,  so while I gave direction, she quickly executed. We started with a new wall color  – a warm gray. There was a nice sized hole in one of the plaster walls and no way to get a painter in by Christmas. My client patched and painted by herself like a pro. Next we pulled new drapes in a bold pattern and a wool rug with soft lines to give the room more texture. A print on one wall was replaced with a striking mirror that added a lot of interest and helped bounce light around the room. Vases, lots of red and silver accents, holiday plants, and lights strung from the drapery rods added holiday charm and warmth. Good job CM!